Jury Pieces

So. These are the 6 pieces I submitted to be judged at Winkler Art Gallery on July 12, 2018. 10 days and no word….but. It could take weeks until all of the committee members get together to jury it and then make a final decision and then contact me. It’s taking a WHOLE lot of self control to not pester everyone I know connected to the gallery to inquire about if they’ve even met yet! And of course, with every passing day, a little bit of self-doubt wriggles in….you submitted the wrong pieces…your custom made frames suck (they don’t)…NO ONE LIKES BUGS!!!

But, I did only submit 2 bug pictures. Well. 2 and a half? I think, mostly, I picked a decent array. Though, since I’ve been sifting through pictures for this website in the days since submitting these ones, I’ve come across a bunch of other flower ones that may have been better representations of my work. Like my “Perfection” (the b&w flower that is the header on the main site) But it just wasn’t framed as nicely. UGH!!! Patience, sometimes, isn’t my virtue….

Sans Jacket (Artfunkle Bee)
Common Language

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