Look there – do you see the child weep?
She is terrified of the secrets she must keep.
Always tired, you can see it in her eyes.
They’ve grown old, concealing all of the lies.

She feels too small to harbour all this pain,
and often wonders how to stay sane.
However, in the end the truth remains –
they aren’t hers, the secrets she contains.

The beatings and rapes and every dirty disgusting little game,
belongs to a different friend with a different name.
No one asked her to listen with such diligence.
But if she weren’t there, might they suffer in silence?

So she buries her own memories very deep.
And lets her friends’ images haunt her sleep.
She’s awake now because of the terrified screams.
(Her best friend being beaten in her waking dreams)

And now, a tear travels down her cheek.
She so desperately wants a little relief.
She wants answers, but has nowhere to seek.
Every day a struggle to save them from their grief.

She doesn’t regret listening, doesn’t expect pay.
But she finds it increasingly hard keeping her life on track.
While winning battles and losing wars day after day.
Trying so desperately to help them get their lives back.