Another year is ending.
The beginning of a year, the end of a decade.
The beginning of a month, the end of a millennium.

How much of it do you even remember,
and how much do you choose to forget?
How much of the year do you relish,
how much do you regret?
Would it have been better if you weren’t comparing it to last year?

Do you say “Thank You” for what you have,
or do you take it for granted until it’s gone?

It was an amazing year.
(How do you define “amazing,” Good or bad?)
If you could go back and relive this year,
Would you?
What would you change and what would stay the same?

I hope the Good made the Bad more bearable.
I hope the relish outweighed the regrets.
I hope you realize what you have before it’s gone.

Whether it was good, bad, or otherwise,
the year is over.
Time to begin anew.

Do not forget the happiness.
Do not become consumed by the sorrows.
Don’t spend this year reliving last year.
And don’t spend it waiting for next year.
Just live.

For once. Just Live.

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