Glancing up, I catch a flash of silver.
Pulling my headphones out reveals
soft tones and the comforting lilt
of her voice, muffled words floating
across the coffee shop. An instant tranquilizer.
I smile and resist the urge to run over
for a hug, always (almost) wary of
her response. Never wanting to impose,
but always eager for an embrace.
Some days they are essential elixirs.
Others, like today, a savored sweet.

I leave the din of the cafe and
Enter in to a burst of sunlight,
Warm breezes tickle my tresses.
Camaraderie is found a few doors
down. Comfortable silence spotted
with clips of conversation. I smile.

Later, skating on a warped wooden floor,
My Little clinging to me for balance,
I smile. Balance. In all things,
find this. When we part, I hug her
close, wondering what she takes
from it. Wondering what she needs.


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