Ode to the Agents

Dana Scully and Fox “Spooky” Mulder,
their trust for each other – strong as a boulder.
Those two beautiful scouts,
they are always running round-abouts
searching for Answers and Truths.
They are such dedicated sleuths!
While we just sit here pondering,
that daring duo is out wandering.
Because of their strange and wonderful cases,
they are taken to many diverse places.
It was in the Arctic “You may not be who you are,” Scully implored,
when Mulder was found with a dead man and tensions soared.
And sometimes they head New Jersey way,
but the womenfolk are wild there they say.
Scully is gorgeous and Mulder is handsome, as we all can see,
but for now, love just isn’t meant to be.
Maybe it is because one is tall and the other isn’t.
Most likely it is because their tastes are so differ’nt.
(One is always on seeds a-munching,
the other is said to have on bugs been crunching!)
But no matter what they’re up to, we all love the entertainment
that through our TV’s once a week, from them is sent.
Intelligence, humor, and dedication are qualities they possess,
and that is why I wrote for them this Ode, I guess!!

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