mixed memories

mixed memories [[pleather

sunshine and cigarettes,
burnt sienna cutting
into endless azure.

words [as substantial as
smoke inextricably stuck
to a purple fleece jacket]
spoken as rain dripdropped
out of existence. as snow
let grass know [circles have
no better side] with a blanket
of exactlythesame, it didn’t
matter which was greener.

aesthetics are superfluous
[although not entirely ignored]
in this affinity for pleather;
rather, an illusion of one
thing appearing as another.
[realities overlap, no feet walk
the same, regardless the shoes]

an icon of imperviousness;
no visible stains left by acrid
thoughts [pear trees in spring
blossom so beautifully, all
deny the stench is theirs]
spilled thoughtlessly
on a cold cement stoop.

a paradigm shift [as ethereal
as smoke caught in curly
brown hair] set in motion
as triangles totter on bumpy
brown napkins, trying to tumble
out of sight].

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