too much
have to stop
(can’t stop)
too many Questions
(not enough answers)
too many dead ends
(no room for u turns)
too much fear
(not enough courage)
(no strength)
(no self-esteem)
too many tears
(not enough smiles)
too many smiles
(not enough tears)
too many contradictions
(not intentional)
too much apathy
(not enough strength)
too much strangeness
(not enough comfort)
too many polite waves
(not enough hugs)
too many friends who are too far away
(not enough money)
too many excuses
(not enough Just Do It)
too many tragedies
(no mourning)
(I loved them and now they’re gone)
too much self-pity
too much melancholy
too many One Of Those Days
(not enough light at the end of the tunnel)
(no light)
(no tunnel, just brick walls)
too many relocations
(no more roots)
too many doubts
(not smart enough)
too many people
(not enough alone)
too much loneliness
(too many friends too far away)
too much pushing
(I needed them and now they’re gone, too)
too many words
(not enough understanding)
too much compassion?
(I refuse to stop caring)
too many questions
(no one hears)
(no one asks)
(no one should care)
Too Many Words.
(                )

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