listless stumbling
towards waterless drops
holding court behind her eyes,
pleading for their stinging
wet heat to take shape
and cool her burning orbs.
a rut of ambivalence, concentric
circles of conflicting thoughts
keeping her confined, confused.
polishing glass walls with wax,
avoiding harsh light ricocheting
between the spots she’s missed.
random sensory occurrences setting
off arbitrary capriciousness,
assaulting her dilapidated emotions.
she can walk only on one beam
at a time, her increasingly unsteady
gait determined to cast her off.
gazing down, transfixed by hypnotic
cerulean waters, aching for the muted
tranquility and their cacoon-hug safety,
her fingers idly worrying at the strings
supporting her precarious ‘balance,’mildly
conscious of the untying but focused elsewhere.
awareness of surroundings dims, is pushed
back, as the wind whispers sweet promises,
as gravity tethers itself to her fatigue.

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