Hello You, It’s Me Again

Hello You, it’s me again.
Coming forth to confess a sin.
I know I promised, I honestly tried.
Believe me when I say I never lied.
It got so hard in the midnight hour.
I lost my strength, I lost my power.
The flickering makes me smile.
Allows me to deny my denial.
I try not to let this weakness show.
Because you’ll be disappointed, I know.
Sometimes, though, I want you to see.
You’re one of the few who’d accept it in me.
I write these words safe in the thought
that by Your eyes, they’ll never be caught.
(Actually, that thought brings little comfort
but writing it pretends to ease the hurt.)
And now I’ve said all I can bear to say,
and I’ll go pretend to enjoy another day.
Goodbye You, I think I must be going now.
I wonder if you’ll forgive me, someway, somehow?

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