but mobius strips aren’t supposed to end

straws and camels and life
tipped by a turtle
tumbling out of trajectory,
The Point is blurred by a well-
ing of tears [so far simply
the saltywet variety. stay
tuned for homonyminous
outbreaks, sure to occur shortly].

today has been brought
to you by the number 42
and the colour yell-
ow (with flecks of pseudomeat
for added contrast).

systole followed by diastole [trans-
lated for laymen to lubdub-
lubdub] ensures the completion
of this catastrophic careen-
ing through life [or at least
the repetition of this rep-
lication of red-eyed real-

Wrap me safe inside, cover
me tight in a pericardium of
peace so that I might fall
asleep to the murmur
of ventricles measuring
out so many milliliters of blood
per beat, to the silent open-
ing and closing of valves
controlling the volume pour-
ing into purple veins,
to the very process
that pushes
pushes people past the pain
[that it also perpetuates.]

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