silver slivers

I hesitate to use the word “trigger”, as it has become so over-used in the media. But. Seriously, many of these pieces need to carry trigger warning labels. They were often written in the early hours of the morning (2, 3am). Many were written as a means to prevent self-injurious behaviors. Some as pleas of forgiveness, or fitful searches for meaning after succumbing to the urges. Some of my darkest thoughts are in these pages, and certainly blunt honesty.

There is talk of self-injury, poetic descriptions (graphic?) of cutting, a fair amount of ruminating about suicide (usually in the form of overdosing on medication), and just a general air of not-wanting-to-be-alive-ness contained herein. I would not put it here if I were not ok with others reading it. But I urge you to be safe. If you struggle with any of these issues, save these pages for another day. Hop on over to the far more cheerful Things With Feathers 

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