The Darkness and the Energy

The stage is dark and empty,
But I still feel their presence.
There was so much energy here tonight,
it’s as if you can still hear
their voices, their songs,
resounding off the walls.
Never have I felt so proud, so happy,
as I did tonight.
When they saw the crowd stand and cheer,
their faces filled with pride.
I started to cry.
Their “hard work and dedication,” as everyone puts it,
Has given its reward.
Though I was not out there on stage,
and couldn’t actually see the audience,
I could see the happiness, I could see the pride,
of those who were on stage.
And though many of them will not be around next year,
they will surely always remember that moment.
Because I think, somehow, once you have performed on
the bright, lighted stage, and heard the applause,
any stage, even the dark and empty one I am sitting on,
will always remind you of the energy
that was felt tonight.

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