Forget the days long past, child.
Leave all of them far behind.
You’ll never get them back, child.
The memories make you blind.
You forget all the bad, child,
And hid the fears in your mind.
Are the memories real, child?
Were those days really so kind?
I wish you would face it, child.
You’re afraid of what you’ll find.
They try hard to help you, child.
But their offers you declined.
Why are you so stubborn, child?
Are you to your fate, resigned?
Do you believe it bad, child,
The plan that’s been designed?
You analyze to death, child.
Your brow is furrowed and lined.
I too wish you could go back, child,
To the days when your life shined.
But it isn’t possible, child.
Face the truth and ease your mind.
Life isn’t to be wasted child.
Live in Now – leave the Past behind.

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