After the Gloaming

Sitting in the dark with nothing to see and no where to go
I wonder if I should take a walk or maybe pray for snow.
Instead I turn on the radio and wonder about the songs I hear
I wonder how certain people can live so far and feel so near.
I wonder how some people can live so near and feel so far.
I listen to the lyrics and wonder who the voices behind them are.
On the window ledge are rocks, bottles, shells, and driftwood.
Some of the things which make this world beautiful and good.
Outside the window, the moon is bright and clear,
but the man inside seems to be laughing at my fear.
He has no right, because we are so like each other.
Only appearing due to the reflection of another.
Living in a never-ending cycle, slowly dying,
only to appear later, bright and silver, shining.
My gaze drifts lazily, wondering which way to roam,
seeming to find only that which reminds me of home.
I could cry when I think of all that has gone quickly past,
I weep when I realize that absolutely nothing will last.
I think about where my life’s been and where it’s going.
Trying to figure out what I want without really Knowing.
I wish I could figure out what to say and how to feel.
But everything has slipped down and now seems unreal.
Suddenly, the thoughts and musing send me reeling.
Thinking too much about Me causes an uneasy feeling.
So, I close my eyes against the bright computer’s glow,
wondering if I should take a walk or pray for snow.

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