Kool-Aid Kisses

Do you remember the cherry-red smiles of yesteryear?
The perfect combination of ice and sugar on hot summer days.
Laying on the lawn, finding shapes in the marshmallow clouds.
Emerald-green grass stains on your favorite play jeans.
Not caring that Billy got the last fudgesicle,
because you got the last orange creamsicle,
the kind with a joke on the stick. Those were better.
Do you remember the seemingly perfect days of Before?
(I know you do. And I know you want to go back.
But it’s true what they say – you can never go home again.
If you revisited those days, you’d see them as they were.
Which might not parallel what you remember.
So it’s better not to chance it.
It’s better to just think about them and smile,
whenever you see a kid with that silly Kool-Aid grin
and hear his sugar-sweet giggles.)

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