The Storm

The sky is becoming dark.
The leaves on the trees shiver in the growing breeze.
A sweet, familiar fragrance fills the air.
A dog begins barking.
A storm is approaching.

Thunder rumbles.
The sky is the colors of cobalt and steel.
The air is so filled with moisture, it almost hurts to breathe.
The storm is closer.

Lightening cracks. Thunder booms.
The sky opens up and the rain pours down.
The leaves reach for the sky – thirsty for a drink.
The dog howls with the wind.
The storm has arrived.

The rain pelts the earth.
The wind roars through the trees.
Lightening strikes.
The dog is silent – too terrified even to growl.
The storm is in its glory.

The thunder ceases.
The wind dies down.
The clouds roll away.
A rainbow appears.
A dog barks.
The storm has departed.

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