I’m amazed by the world around me.
The quiet serenity that drowns the inner chaos.
Everything looks pure, blanketed in white
But what intrigues me most of all,
what piques my curiosity,
are the snowflakes.
Yes, each one looks a little different,
but that isn’t the reason why.

Have you ever just sat in silence,
just listening to them fall?
Something so tiny can make a beautiful sound.
What amazes me most, I believe,
is how similar we are.
The snowflakes and the people.
Everyone is beautiful in their own way,
just as each flake is a perfect design.
And like the snowflakes,
even the smallest of us can make a sound.
The similarities, they don’t end there.

Have you ever stared at the sky,
and watched as they made their journeys?
It is a dizzying show, but worth the vertigo.
Each travels at a different pace
(Much like the human Race)
Some fall straight, some erratic,
and some are like Stars, never leaving the Heavens.
Some are swept every which way by the wind.
And a few are stronger, bigger, more courageous.
Like snowflakes, people seem to last longer
when they stick together.

Have you ever noticed, no matter how you try,
it’s near impossible to watch a single flake
complete it’s journey without losing track of it
amidst the millions of others?
Each different, yet each the same.
Just like friends, I think.
It’s hard to watch them all the time.
Especially when they’re so high above.
Like friends, when you lose track of one flake,
your eye usually catches another.
Sometimes better, sometimes not.
Always a little different.

Do you think I’m strange,
comparing snowflakes and people?
So many things can be compared
to so many other things.
But like the snow,
everything and anything
can disappear before it even hits the ground.

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