It started after dinner
They went to bed hoping it would continue
A restless hour of anticipation
Then peaceful slumber set in
Awake before the alarm sounds its’ siren
Not quite sure what caused the end of their dreams
Then the anticipation makes them remember
Slowly creeping towards the window
Squeals of glee
Barely chewing their cereal
Finishing only half of a glass of milk
Before rushing to the Mud Room
Searching through the drawers
Breathing in the musty smell
Shaking away the dust
Finding Rights and Lefts
Not caring if they match
Realizing last year’s perfect pair
No longer fits and Left has a hole
No matter Dig for another
Some new most old majority hand made
Finally enough of everything!
Sweating with excitement
Push open the door
Freezing air takes a few moments
To reach their flustered skin
But at last they rush out
To a world of sunshine
Gleaming off the crystal landscape
Ice palaces creatures made of snow
A day of cold noses frozen fingers
And breathless treks back up steep hills
Followed by steaming cups of hot chocolate
Marshmallows mushy from the heat
And a cozy blanket in front of the fire

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