The Heart of a Mother

Little being, growing inside me,
You broke my heart today.
I’m not ready to be a mother- can’t you see?
Should I make you go, or shall I let you stay?

Newborn babe, asleep so sound,
you won my heart today.
Now I can’t imagine my life without you around,
and it’s you I thank God for when I pray.

Little child, growing up so fast!
You fill my heart with pride a little more each day.
It saddens me to think that these carefree days won’t last.
Why can’t you stay little forever…forever and a day?

Young boy, making me scared.
You confused my heart this day.
Remember the beautiful talks we’ve shared?
You now you don’t reply, you have nothing to say.

Proud husband, enjoying your wonderful life,
You lighten my heart these days.
Each time you visit with your beautiful wife,
I feel so much love from you, in a hundred different ways.

Grown son, crying the tears of a child,
You broke my heart today, sadly,
and while it shattered in to pieces, I smiled.
I love you, but in this world I can no longer stay.

New father, staring at my grave in the grass,
You made my heart sing today
as you told of your newborn little lass.
Remember, I’ll watch over you always – forever and a day.

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