Merry Go Round

Round and round we go
Where will it stop, do you know?
Many times we’ll pass the same old places,
Each time noticing new, old, different faces.
But we cannot stop, we haven’t time.
All these memories, they can’t be mine.
We can’t discuss them and this makes me weep.
But there are some secrets that I must keep.
Besides, I’ll be gone in a few short years,
So I mustn’t bore you with my useless tears.
Come and sit down next to me.
Tell me of the things you’d like to see.
How many exotic places have you been to?
I’d like to know, even if it’s only a few.
I wouldn’t think you the least bit mundane,
Even if you told me of trips down a country lane.
I’ve been nowhere, not that I can recall.
It’s hard to move when you’re behind a wall.
Round and round, here we go.
When you want off, just let me know.

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