Outgoing. Cute.
He scares me.
Irrational fear.
Tall and dark.
Bigger than I.
Preaching to me.
I didn’t want to be born at all,
why would I want born again?
No offense to God.
One life is enough, thanks.
What scares me?
His hands on my shoulders.
Tingles down my spine.
But not good tingles.
To cringe would be rude.
I crave human contact.
From him I shrink back.
Irrational fear.
I think he noticed.
Or forgot my name.
Time passed.
If he can’t remember my name
he has no more right to touch.
He means it as comfort, probably.
Great discomfort. Irrational.
Irrational fear.
Brought back the second I saw him.
Upstairs in the library.
But he didn’t touch
and I pretended to be busy.
To hide my irrational fear.

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