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Humble Beginnings

I am exhausted and broke. Translation: I AM AN ARTIST!!! 

I’ve spent the last 2 days at the gallery, learning the procedures for opening, closing, and running the place for when I have to work my shifts there. I also took more old framed things and hung 14 of my photographs and got them and myself entered into the inventory/ipad system. Given that the directions were from 2016 and the software has no doubt been updated, the instructions were kind of just a rough guide. But I managed! I am not pleased with the final outcome…I hung everything too high, but I was trying to plan ahead for having prints and cards to sell and a place to put them. At any rate. I found a little table and had bought a cloth for $1 at wallyworld that draped nicely over it, and I typed up a little blurb saying my space was a work in progress. 

Other than my time at the gallery, I’ve pulled in a TON of overtime at work this week. In part to feel less guilty for quitting, and in part to pay for all of the artsy stuff I need to gather. 

Speaking of which! My printer is sitting 35 minutes away at a FedEx facility, because I wasn’t going to be home when they were going to deliver it, and the website was only letting me hold it TWO hours away…so I spent 20 minutes on the phone at 2am this morning trying to figure out an alternative. (It needs a direct signature, is the main issue) I will be picking it up on Tuesday (because Monday is a holiday, GRRRR!)

And tonight after work, I’m going to drive an hour away to get a miter saw off someone from FB.

Monday, hopefully I will get with Hil and see what kinds of framing materials she has available. At some point before then, my goal is to clean/organize my basement. At this point, all I really need to do is move some boxes, get rid of an old, falling down shelf, and cover the opening to the weird dirt half-room. I figure I’ll be up and down a lot more, and less careful about keeping the basement door closed, so the cats will wander down. I don’t care if they go down, i just don’t want them using the dirt room as a giant litter box….

I imagine I need to order ink for the printer, and I need to buy paper as well. That’s gonna cost a pretty penny. (Thus, the overtime…) I also have to pay regular bills (boring!). 

It’s difficult for me to stop, step back, and remember that I have time. I always want to get everything done right away when I’m excited about a project. But this is a long term project….I need to pace myself! (Mostly financially, haha, or I’ll be living in my gallery space…)

It’s been a lovely distraction, though. I’m only just now starting to get nervous about the new job, and what it will be like! 

I wonder if some of this stuff is tax write off-able? Hmmm……

Acheivement Unlocked

PreApologies for spelling and punctuation errors, but 1. I’m SUPER excited and B, typing this on my phone (see point #1). It’s just that I have super awesome news that I can’t/don’t want to wait to share!

I, like many people, tend to not answer my phone if I don’t recognize the number. These days it is usually a bill collector and, frankly, I’ve got nothing to give. But that’s not news, and certainly not exciting…

So. Today, at work, my phone rings. I do not recognize the number, but my phone tells me it is originating from DuBois. Still…I let it go to voicemail, only vaguely thinking of the gallery there. But, lo and behold- I listen and can’t tell at first from the woman’s tone, it really sounded apologetic, and I was bracing for rejection. But!!!! NO!!!! The gallery accepted my photography, and she wanted to set up time for me to come train how to open and close and work at the gallery!

I called her right back, of course, and scheduled two days next week. We talked about when they would want/need a whole show by- she said October would be ok. I can….will…swing that. I need to frame a bunch of pieces, make a shit ton of cards, and get some prints printed and matted, as well as look in to cellophane bag things for prints and cards…

I chatted with a friend who helped me frame most of my earlier stuff (all of the stuff that I submitted, actually), about the possibility of buying some of her old framing stuff. She’s out of town, but when she gets back, I’d like to pick her brain about cost and benefits of self framing and such.

I have supplies to make at least enough cards to start off with, except for the photos, but I can get a bunch printed for not much money, cuz of the size needed.

So. I’m only behind on a few of my credit cards, not on other bills or anything, and I am hoping to bring the cards current with my next few pays…leaving enough to eake out some prints, matte board, glass….etc. heh. Oi. Money suuuucs!!! 

I did look in to grants and stuff, but most of the deadlines are way earlier in the year. Ooops. Maybe I’ll add a donate button to my website? Heh.

So. That’s my awesome news!!! I know I’m not going to sell a million photographs (if any), and it will be a lot of work and a fair amount of money to get going. With any luck, I’ll sell enough prints/cards to just break even for the space. Even if I don’t, I’m SO elated for the opportunity and the exposure!!!

I know, it’s a swan, not a duck. Shhhh….