Humble Beginnings

I am exhausted and broke. Translation: I AM AN ARTIST!!! 

I’ve spent the last 2 days at the gallery, learning the procedures for opening, closing, and running the place for when I have to work my shifts there. I also took more old framed things and hung 14 of my photographs and got them and myself entered into the inventory/ipad system. Given that the directions were from 2016 and the software has no doubt been updated, the instructions were kind of just a rough guide. But I managed! I am not pleased with the final outcome…I hung everything too high, but I was trying to plan ahead for having prints and cards to sell and a place to put them. At any rate. I found a little table and had bought a cloth for $1 at wallyworld that draped nicely over it, and I typed up a little blurb saying my space was a work in progress. 

Other than my time at the gallery, I’ve pulled in a TON of overtime at work this week. In part to feel less guilty for quitting, and in part to pay for all of the artsy stuff I need to gather. 

Speaking of which! My printer is sitting 35 minutes away at a FedEx facility, because I wasn’t going to be home when they were going to deliver it, and the website was only letting me hold it TWO hours away…so I spent 20 minutes on the phone at 2am this morning trying to figure out an alternative. (It needs a direct signature, is the main issue) I will be picking it up on Tuesday (because Monday is a holiday, GRRRR!)

And tonight after work, I’m going to drive an hour away to get a miter saw off someone from FB.

Monday, hopefully I will get with Hil and see what kinds of framing materials she has available. At some point before then, my goal is to clean/organize my basement. At this point, all I really need to do is move some boxes, get rid of an old, falling down shelf, and cover the opening to the weird dirt half-room. I figure I’ll be up and down a lot more, and less careful about keeping the basement door closed, so the cats will wander down. I don’t care if they go down, i just don’t want them using the dirt room as a giant litter box….

I imagine I need to order ink for the printer, and I need to buy paper as well. That’s gonna cost a pretty penny. (Thus, the overtime…) I also have to pay regular bills (boring!). 

It’s difficult for me to stop, step back, and remember that I have time. I always want to get everything done right away when I’m excited about a project. But this is a long term project….I need to pace myself! (Mostly financially, haha, or I’ll be living in my gallery space…)

It’s been a lovely distraction, though. I’m only just now starting to get nervous about the new job, and what it will be like! 

I wonder if some of this stuff is tax write off-able? Hmmm……

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