Here I Am

So, I signed up for WordPress approximately 1 month prior to the writing of this entry. The learning curve was a relatively gentle slope, and I feel like I’ve made great progress over the last month. I was ok with most everything except for the actual front page…which was not ok, seeing as the front page is essentially what everyone sees first! And first impressions, etc!

Anyhow. I finally found a theme that accommodates most of my needs AND looks decent. The only feature I’m finding tricky is the “Feature” feature! I haven’t decided if I want to make it just a place for my newest blog post, or if I want to keep a “sticky” blog post there or what…but I’ve decided to not wait until I figure it out before I “release” the site to the public! Otherwise, it’d be another month!

So. Without further ado, here it is. I haven’t figured out yet how I’ll go about updating portfolios. I mean, right now they’re obviously categorized, but editing them doesn’t bump their place in line, so. Maybe when I have a bunch of new photos, I’ll make a New Portfolio and everytime I have a new one, I’ll move all of the old new pics to their respective categories? I dunno…thoughts?!

I would love some feedback in general, actually…should I provide more explanation/descriptions on the photography portfolios? Do the poems need pictures? Is the color scheme ok? How about the portfolios themselves? Too many photos in them? Do they load ok? Any constructive criticism is more than welcome!!

Thanks for reading and viewing!!

Campfire Selfie
Campfire Selfie


One thought on “Here I Am

  1. I think your entire page is very impressive. Photos with certain poems would be interesting, but may influence how any given poem is received or interpreted. Pros and cons with that, I suppose.
    I like the wide variety of topics and do not feel you have too many photos in each portfolio. I am always interested to know more… if there is something interesting to share about the circumstances for any given photo, that would be cool to know.
    Looking forward to seeing and reading more. The poems I have read are moving and very interesting. My two cents, for what it is worth.


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