Alright, Alright, Alright!

I’m SO close!!! SO close! I admit, last night I got really frustrated with Lodestar (the theme I am using, currently), and searched for something new, because it just wasn’t doing what I wanted it to do. More specifically, I wanted an easier way to get to my poetry, instead of just following a breadcrumb of pages that are just words and links, BORING!! Ideally, I was looking for something like the Portfolio feature, where you upload a project, and WP magically makes them appear on a page, with links to the next and previous project.

Well. I didn’t find such a thing. So, I eventually resorted to a header menu, but it was a little ridiculous, and would never have worked on a phone, or even a tablet. Soooo….I played around until I figured out how to make a sidebar menu of the main poetry categories. But, while it was…ok….it wasn’t my idea solution, because the sidebar is on basically every page, and that’s just annoying. I eventually went to bed and revisited it this morning. While messaging with a friend to try and help me figure out what to do with my menu issue, I managed to fix and figure it out and make it just the way I wanted it!!! So. YAY!!!

So. Now, I need to add a few more pages full of links, maybe some pictures on the landing pages for the Poetry categories. Definitely some/a lot of tweaking to be done, there. I’m not actually satisfied with the Home page, either. I like the idea of the panels, but I wish the writing was over the pictures instead of under it? So. Not sure if I will end up keeping Lodestar or switch to something else in the future. (Although I feel like the Portfolio Projects don’t make as smooth a transition as I want them to, when I was test-driving some others last night. But, I was tired and not wanting to mess anything up too much, so I didn’t go all out…) And, of course- I have about 9 million photos that I’d like to upload. I just keep putting that off, cuz it takes a long while to upload pics while at work, which is where I am 10 hrs a day, sometimes 12, 6 days a week lately. And And I’ve been focused on organizing the poetry stuff the last few days. So, now that I’ve got that under control….

Channeling my inner arteeeeest!

Turns out my client is going on a home visit this week/end, so I have an unexpected few days off. I managed to pick up some hours at another house, but I’m super looking forward to having my Little for a few hours later this week, and then having a few days to get my actual house in order! (Who am I? Looking forward to laundry and mopping floors?!) I also have a bunch of stuff to put on flea market sites which I need to do pronto. One, to get it out of the house and two, cuz I need the moolah. Oi.

Anyhow…gonna get back to linking and publishing and posting, oh my!!

Everything’s gonna be a-ok!

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