Well, things are progressing, as far as the website goes. It’s not ready to be “rolled out” formally, yet, although it’s getting there. The framework is mostly in place, although not in quite the right order. A door where a window should be, that kind of thing.

Some of the furniture is here, but again, not in the right place. I am liking the ease of moving things around in WordPress. Much different from the GeoCities-straight-html days. Don’t have to lug things up and down stairs anymore, can just shimmy and shift stuff where I want it!

I am having difficulty trying to decide what poetry to post. Originally, I made pages for every year since 96 (when I started keeping my writing) and was going to post EVERYTHING. But. Well. There’s a lot. 207 pieces already in document format on my computer. A whole bunch more not yet typed up, and even more typed up but not on my laptop. So. A lot.

One strategy would be to post my “best” work. But, I am absolute shit at judging my writing, so I am not at a point where I can determine what my “best” is. I need an editor, lol.

My next strategy would be to limit what I post to certain categories. But that gets tricky, too, because I’m also pretty bad at categorizing things, sometimes. That’s why I never got on board with hashtags. I’d be the annoying one who tagged every damn word, ha! So far I’ve only come up with one concrete category: poems written about work. That’ll take care of maybe half a dozen to a dozen pieces. I suppose I could do a “lighter stuff” category. That would account for another maybe dozen, lol. Can’t do a darker side, cuz that’s 90% of my writing. Oops. And to parse up the darker side would be impossible, because most wouldn’t fit in to one category or another…ughhh!

Ok. I will perservere! I will not let this stop me from accomplishing my goal. Instead, I will focus on some photography for a bit. Play around with the portfolio and formatting functionality of WP while I stew a bit on the poetry problem. (The only issue is that I don’t have a good signal where I’m at, so uploading media pics can get tricky…)

Oi. I feel like I need just a few good hours with a solid internet connection, and I’ll be golden!! Thankfully I have tomorrow off (1 day off in the middle of 12 on!) and then I resume a somewhat normal work schedule. So…here’s hoping I can get the doors where the doors should be and shimmy the furniture into the perfect place!

That being said, the links above do (or should work), but they are not in any way well organized or well fleshed out. Some content will disappear and a ton more will be appearing over the next (hopefully) few days. I’m sure I’ll make another big announcement once I get the main site in to some sort of reasonable semblance of “finished.” Now, with that being said- there should be a place on the side (larger screen format) or along the bottom (phone format) where you can sign up to get an email when I write a new blog. I may or may not “share” it every time. Haven’t decided yet. Depends on how frequently I write, I suppose…

Thanks for reading!

Planting seeds


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